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Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars 2017

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  • Language:English

    Country: United States

    Description:After the events of Invasion, Johnny Rico has been demoted to the rank of colonel and relocated to a Martian satellite to train a new batch of troopers. Unfortunately, these troopers are some of the worst low-performing Rico has ever trained as Mars overall has low support for the war, seeing their planet unaffected by the bug conflict and even suggesting pulling out from the war. Because of their laid back attitude, the denizens of Mars weren’t ready when the bugs attacked. Unknown to everyone, Sky Marshall Amy Snapp executes her plans for power. Read More

    Starring :

    • Casper Van Dien as Colonel Johnny Rico, a demoted general stationed on the frontier planet of Mars forced to train rather hopeless soldiers.
    • Dina Meyer as Dizzy “Diz” Flores, Rico’s deceased lover who appears as a telepathic hallucination induced by Carl Jenkins to inspire him.
    • Justin Doran as Carl Jenkins, Minister of Paranormal Warfare.
    • Luci Christian as Carmen Ibanez, Captain of the John A. Warden.
    • Emily Neves as Sky Marshal Amy Snapp, a genius who wishes to destroy Mars for political and social support as Sky Marshal.
    • Scott Gibbs as Lieutenant Baba, a nervous but patriotic soldier.
    • DeRay Davis as 101, a trigger-happy explosives expert.
    • Juliet Simmons as Camacho, the only female in the squad.
    • Chris Gibson as Dutch, a red-haired jokester who was known for always being dismembered in simulations. Ironically, he was killed in real life the same way.
    • Greg Ayres as Geo, a quiet soldier with a penchant for science over combat who was also known for his distinctive goggles.
    • Leraldo Anzaldua as Ratzass, now Rico’s right-hand man after the events of Invasion. His rowdiness has settled down as his reputation grows throughout the Federation. As the first recurring character in the Starship Troopers series aside from Rico, Jenkins and Ibanez, he is unfortunately killed when jumping from a gunship, as his helmet air seal fails, freezing his body in freefall.
    • Andrew Love as Fed Net Official
    • John Swasey as George
    • Kyle C. Jones as Daniel
    • Rob Mungle as Special Branch Chief Torek
    • Ashley Forshaw as Bug scream
    • Maggie Flecknoe as Ticket Agent

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